This nursery has been registered with Emplaw Solutions since July 2016. *this case study has been anonymised for confidentiality reasons*


Our client developed an excellent reputation over the years through focusing on child learning, development and care. However, the owner had an employment relations issue and called Emplaw Solutions for guidance and advice.

A situation had unfolded whereby a memory stick was left in a work computer. The owner checked the content of the device and discovered a large quantity of confidential data from other nurseries, including client and child information.

After further investigation, it became clear that the employee who owned the memory stick had been collecting data from previous employers.

Solution and Implementation

Emplaw Solutions considered the case and the potential Safeguarding implication to support the owner to ensure all legal compliances and procedures were carried out in full.

The employee was immediately suspended pending further investigation and discussion with local authority. Disciplinary action was taken to dismiss the individual, ensuring that no further Safeguarding or breach of confidentiality issue could arise.

We then supported and guided the owner through the process of contacting the Local Authority Designated Office (LADO) and making a full DBS referral. This would allow the DBS to carry out effective barring procedures.

The previous employers of the individual were also contacted with information regarding the investigation to allow them to respond accordingly.


The owner was extremely grateful to receive highly proficient and immediate support. The incident took a great number of working hours and having Emplaw Solutions on hand to provide documentation and guidance enabled the client to carry out the required tasks swiftly and effectively.

Effectively managing this Safeguarding issue has undoubtedly ensured that incidents of this kind will never occur again via this individual.