HR and especially Safeguarding can be very daunting and time consuming for School Managers. The industry suffers from a lack of support and guidance surrounding the requirements of Ofsted and the Department of Education. However, penalties for non-compliance can result in down grading and create business difficulties. We provide a School focussed service giving you peace of mind and releasing your valuable management time.

Emplaw Solutions provide your school with comprehensive policies, procedures and documentation. We automatically update your documentation as and when legislation, codes of practice or Ofsted dictate, or upon your request if you need to change your working practices.


Our starting point is to review what you have in place. This acts as the basis for us to prepare your updated, comprehensive and compliant documentation.
We Prepare Your:

  • Statements of Main Terms of Employment; and
  • Employee Handbooks (Common Terms of Employment).


You have unlimited access to your HR & Safeguarding advisors between 9.00am & 5.00pm. Using telephone number recognition, your call will, in most cases, be transferred direct to your nominated advisor. All advice given will be confirmed in writing.

Admin Support

Your advisors will produce personalised letters, forms and documents relating to your current issue on your behalf.

Disciplinary / Appeal Hearings

Should you have a disciplinary or appeal hearing but do not feel comfortable or confident carrying it out, we can assist you. Your advisor can attend your premises and either conduct the meeting for you or assist you. There is a nominal charge of £250.00 + vat for each visit. When dealing with disciplinary situations, it is not what you do but how you do it.


Clients are invited to hold our practical and interactive training sessions at their premises. Our training sessions update staff on Safeguarding issues, the workings of the DBS and the expectations of Ofsted. Managers benefit from explanations of the Safeguarding procedures they are required to follow.

Clients can request one free training session per annum

Visitors’ Books

You are provided with a personalised visitors’ book with rules for visitors. These can be replenished on request.


You will receive monthly newsletters which provide guidance, advice and benefits for clients.

Click here to see one of our informative newsletters.

Our Fees

  • Our fees are fixed and all inclusive with the exception of onsite disciplinary meetings.
  • Fees remain unchanged when you renew your agreement.
  • Cost of our service is simply based on the number of employees you have, the type of business you operate and your chosen length of contract term.
  • Contract periods can be a minimum of 1 year or as long as the client wishes. The longer the contract the lower the fee.
  • Fees are paid monthly.
  • Payment in full attracts a 10% discount.

Safeguarding Quiz

We maintain an ongoing safeguarding quiz with answers. These are ideal for updating managers or for staff Safeguarding training purposes.


There is an expectation for your expenditure to be contained and to demonstrate prudence in managing your school finances. You can obtain a fast quotation using the method below or request a formal quotation.

  • To obtain a quotation for your school, simply email [email protected] with the nature of your business, the number of employees and your choice of contract length and method of payment.
  • For example; School – 15 Staff – 3 Year - Paid Monthly.